Lisa A. McCombs
2 min readFeb 1



Photo by Camerauthor Photos on Unsplash

We wait for it all year, the rodent weather report.

In my part of the country, we have French Creek Freddie.

The West Virginia Wildlife Center in Upshur County is home to French Creek Freddie. The celebrated meteorologist is scheduled to report his 46th prediction at dawn on February 2.

According to tradition, an early spring will occur if it is cloudy and Freddie doesn’t see his shadow after emerging from hibernation. If it’s sunny and his shadow is visible, he returns to his burrow and winter will last for six more weeks.

This European superstition began in the 1800s by German farmers living in Pennsylvania, not far from where Freddie’s cousin, Punxsutawney Phil, the world’s most famous furry forecaster, makes his own prediction every year.

Of course, West Virginia’s say, Phil, isn’t as reliable as Freddie when it comes to forecasting.

Regardless, the calendar states that spring will arrive on March 20, with or without our beloved groundhog’s prognostications. Six weeks is six weeks, no matter how ya shake it.

Lisa, Lady With the Cane