I Have Ants

Lisa A. McCombs
2 min readJun 22, 2021

Literally and Figuratively

Photo by Marija Gaba on Unsplash

They are back. The minuscule black insects invade my kitchen every spring. Over the years I have scoured, caulked potential openings around the windows, applied essential oils and poured bleach over the countertops in an attempt to dissuade their visit. Yet, they can’t take a hint and relentlessly return, year after year.

My favorite insurance commercial is the one about the couple living in their home, but they have aunts. If only my ants were relatives and not the ones that inspire a gag reflex as well as increasing the existing physical crawling sensation that plagues me daily.

The idea of hosting household insects is no different than the under-on-the-skin sensations of the multiple sclerosis ants creeping all over me on daily visits. I constantly swipe at non-existent insects that plague my body.

And my scalp! Holy smokes. Persistent crawling causes bouts of maniacal scratching. No, it’s not lice. It’s all those little nerve endings doing the hula hula on my head.

Feel it?

Bet you do.

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash
Lisa A. McCombs