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Being a short month, I see February as an excellent challenge month. It’s short enough to be doable but long enough to make a statement. I've learned to keep a monthly calendar and check off accomplishments as they occur.

Before going any further, let me thank Shauna Grimes and the Ninja Writers ( teaching and enforcing this practice.

Goals for February 2021:

  • publish Ivy and Iris on 2/14/2022 (My Valentine to myself.)
  • finalize website
  • write two blog posts a week
  • prepare MS Awareness plans for March
  • write every single day (this is the easy one)
  • review two books on Readers Favorite
  • get a birthday gift for my brother
  • MRI on 2/24
  • complete Ninja writer’s BIG project homework
  • knit a shawl
  • crochet a blanket

That’s what I’ve got so far. As the month progresses, new projects/appointments often come up. That’s fine.No matter how big or how small, I feel accomplished checking them off my list.

We need to feel essential every month, but February is a great month for a trial run. I didn’t want to believe the significance of creating a schedule for myself, but it’s real.

Living with achronic illness tends to make us feel nonessential. YOU ARE ESSENTIAL. Say it with me:


Say it every day and check it off your list.

See how easy that was?

Have a good day,

Lisa, Lady With the Cane



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