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Good Monday morning!

I know Mondays are notorious for being the worst day of the week, but Monday is actually my favorite day. It’s a fresh start. The possibilities are endless. You’ve re-grouped over the weekend and are ready to say “Let’s do this thing!”

First of all a quick review of the ABCs for Good Mental and Emotional Health:

A= Ask for Assistance

B= Breaks

C= Communicate

I hope you have found a successful way to incorporate Dr., Adam Kaplin’s advice into your life. Keep in mind that as with anything adjustments may be necessary for what works for you.

This brings us to D= Don’t.

Don’t self-medicate with alcohol, drugs, food, or any excessive or unnecessary substances. Self-medication can easily turn into self-harm.

Now that's not to say that alternative treatments can’t help. There are many acceptable supplemental treatments out there. Once again, do what works for YOU.

Multiple sclerosis is a disease treated with experimental actions. Sometimes we fall upon the perfect antidote; sometimes we fail. Get back on that horse and try again.

ASIDE: Speaking of horses: Have any of you tried Hippotherapy? I’ve never ridden a horse but am game to try this interesting method of restoring balance and working the core. Talk to me. Tell me about your experience with horseback riding. I’ll talk about exercise again next week and would love to try something new.

We are cautioned to seek medical advice before starting a new self-treatment, but would you seriously ask your doctor about binge drinking? I doubt it. So, why do it?

Admittedly, I enjoy my wine, red and sweet; and I know a glass or two is fine (for me). A bottle or two has negative results.

I’ve been experimenting with CBD oil now for a couple of years and have found positive results. I take several drops under my tongue every morning and again prior to bed. The oil calms me and, believe it or to, has a positive effect on my incontinence. Hempworx Full Spectrum peppermint is my favorite. It’s all-natural. Feel free to do your own research. If you have questions, ask me and I’ll find an answer for you. Before starting CBD, I consulted both my neuro and my PT. They both support this treatment as long as it’s working for me.

Well, this certainly turned into a ramble, didn’t it? That’s okay as long as you get the point. Don’t do things that will make your situation worse.

When tempted to self-medicate with excess, just say

Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

Have a great Monday!

Lisa, Lady With the Cane



July 1, 2001, six months after the birth of my only child, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

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July 1, 2001, six months after the birth of my only child, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.