Lisa A. McCombs
2 min readAug 17, 2022
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I talk a lot about foot drop and unexpected muscle movement, but this latest is a new one for me. Not prone to the practice of using foul language (I'm being serious here.), I seldom demonstrative sign language in expressing myself. Lately, I need to censor my typing, though, because my middle finger seems to have a mind of its own.


The middle finger on my right-hand taps away at the keyboard for no explicable reason, creating havoc with my planned messages. This is especially annoying with serious text conversations. Sometimes I am not aware of what I type until it’s too late.

A twitch can occur anywhere on the body. Because multiple sclerosis is all about nerves and inflammation of said nerves, we can blame any number of reasons for twitching and spasms.

Dehydration, stress, too much caffeine, lack of sleep, a pinched nerve, or medications are all viable culprits. As with all things MS, this is another mystery in the cauldron.

This is not an attempt at flippancy; But, if we freak out over every single, minuscule twinge, life can get LONG.

The Monster throws enough stuff at us. Unless my disobedient middle finger is associated with unbearable pain or universal disaster (keep that red button under lock and key), I will chalk it up to being another weird disease symptom.

Have a good one,

Lisa, Lady With the Cane

Lisa A. McCombs