Revealing the Monster, My Story with MS

How my MS reveals itself daily.

Lisa A. McCombs
2 min readApr 28


Image Credit: Lisa A. McCombs

As a veteran public educator, it is challenging for me to write a blog post void of an instructional angle. I need a documented purpose, a factual goal, and a solid reason for writing.

During the month of May, there is a different method to my rantings. Three times a week, I’m getting down and dirty about my multiple sclerosis symptoms. There will be no shared research. It’s simply me being me, sharing the often invisible symptoms MS Warriors experience and what works or doesn’t work for me.

The lack of statistical investigation will be a challenge. It is so easy to hide behind facts and figures.

No more hiding.

May is the MonSter’s month to bare all.

Prepare to be vulnerable.

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AKA Lady With the Cane

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis six months after the birth of her only child, Lisa A. McCombs relearned the basic skills of walking, feeding herself, and enunciating words. With her son as her muse, Lisa was and is determined to fight the MonSter through her writing, public speaking, and advocacy.

To learn more about MS and the impact it has had on Lisa’s life, check out her most recent book, “Letters to the MonSter”, now available on Amazon.

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Lisa A. McCombs