Today I just can’t do this.

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Today I just want to take a break from…


bad news

world woes






multiple sclerosis

Oh, wait. I can’t do that. Living with multiple sclerosis is a full-time, around-the-clock, 365-day responsibility. There is no break, no I’ll do that tomorrow.

So, instead of taking a break from the MonSter today, I allowed myself to be as normal as possible and to let other posts do the work for me.

I’m a little bit off today…

Let me introduce one of my favorite MS spokespersons, Ardra.

“My name is Ardra and I have MS, but MS doesn’t have me… That’s bullshi(r)t.”

Ardra tells it like it is while offering blunt opinions and thoughts about MS. She’s a cool MS chick. I want to be more like her.

Lainie Ishbia from Trend-Able. com is another classy gal who cares about making a disability lifestyle more bearable. Laini studies and shares fashion, clothing, accessories, and gadgets that make life easier when living with a disability.

EmBRACE ii is a podcast and workshop series sponsored by Trend-Able in partnership with the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation. Lainie Ishbia, MSW, and Estela Lugo have created the Embrace it series to help empower people with disabilities and chronic conditions to look and feel their best and to ultimately live their best lives. Through their communication and assertiveness training, disability hacks, and confidence-building exercises, Lainie & Estela have helped hundreds of individuals living with physical challenges to improve their quality of life.

Girlfriends, Lainie Ishbia from, & Estela Lugo from the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation, are real, raw & perfectly imperfect in their informal discussions about the trials & tribulations of living with disabilities. Both women wear leg braces due to chronic neuromuscular conditions and are passionate about helping others feel confident in their own skin. Listen & subscribe to your podcast player of choice.

I am so grateful to people like Ardra and Laini. It is refreshing to be once again included in the human race.

Nicole Lemelle is a writer, MS advocate, and blogger I recently discovered who totally gets it. Diagnosed while a student at LSU. Her story is one of encouragement and hope.

Another MS jewel is podcaster Jon Strum.


Join host Jon Strum each week as he breaks down the latest multiple sclerosis news. We’re talking about the amazing MS research that’s taking place in laboratories around the world — and we’re talking to some of the brilliant neuroscientists who are conducting that research!

If you are not currently a member, you should check out MyMS Team . I’ve been a member for years but am admittedly a poor participant. It’s a great place to converse with other MS Warriors, though; as is

Maybe you can be an MS activist. If so, ActiveMSers offers some serious #fitspo for like-minded, active people dealing with this chronic disease. The site’s online community includes forums chock full of tips about fitness and active gear for MS patients. Elsewhere on the site, find helpful content about exercising safely — such as a guide to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) when you have MS, advice on traveling with a disability (like navigating a cruise), and general info and news on the condition.

Simone lives inNew Zealand and writes about her life with multiple sclerosis on her blog Staying Healthy With MS:

Facebook is a wonderful place to meet MS Warriors. I found author Yvonne deSousa there. Her wit and honesty in her book MS Madness! is a mixed mishmash of emotions. “I learned early on that if I didn’t laugh at ironic MS circumstances … I would go insane,” says DeSousa, who was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS shortly after turning 40. I so relate to DeSousa since I, too, was diagnosed shortly after my 40th birthday.

Since I’m a writer, of course, I wish to promote MS Warriors who share honest content about the disease. Marlo Donato Parmalee. An Amazon reader says of Parmalee’s book, Parmelee does a good job of describing the things that I have a hard time putting into words.

And since we’re talking about books…


According to the Amazon sales page, these three books are sold together for the amazing price of $45.85. Add all three to Cart!

I think I’ve given you enough reading material for a couple of days. 😀😍😎


Lisa, Lady With the Cane

Whew! For someone not motivated today, I certainly worked up a sweat!



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July 1, 2001, six months after the birth of my only child, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.